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Richard Turner

Hello again Paul, and others,

The link you gave me is now on my web site.


Thanks for letting me know about this.

I don’t mean to be a US only site, so this is helpful.





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Web site:




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thanks for sharing the website, it’s now saved to my bookmarks as there seems a lot of helpful information on there. Not sure if you are interested but one other audio description resource I use a lot personally is a Website which shows a list of all the UK Freeview TV channels and their audio described shows  and movies for the coming week, if you are interested I’ll put a link to it below:


Paul Lemm



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I have a section on my web site with Audio description resources, including the ones you know plus links to tv listings, movies, you can purchase through Amazon; and one resource I have not seen mentioned yet.




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One other site is called the Audio Vault,


Bill White




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Subject: audio descriptive movies for the blind


Other than the blind mice movie vault, what were the other jaws accessible movie descriptive web sites?


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