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On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 08:03 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
Mine is checked and f2 works absolutely perfectly.
My guess is that one group of us is talking right past the other because we're coming at "what's being edited" from opposite sides.

I had presumed that it was the formula that what was wanted to be edited directly in the cell, and in that case the checkbox for Allow editing directly in cell should be checked.

Values in non-computed cells are directly editable after hitting F2 when focus is on those cells with the above noted checkbox checked.  The cursor is put to the rightmost side of the cell and you can backspace out the content one character at a time.

If I have that checkbox UNchecked, if I try to edit a cell by hitting F2, focus is thrown to the formula box and the editing takes place there. And that's whether the cell content is an actual formula or is text, a number with no formula, etc.  Any and all editing takes place in the formula box.

The default is that the checkbox is checked.

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