Moderated Re: How do I edit in a cell in Excel 2016

Alan Robbins <arobbins1057@...>



Here are the steps I did a couple of years ago to fix the problem, hopefully they still work.

1. Have Excel open.

2. Press “alt+f” to open the file menu then press “t” for the options.

3. Press “control+tab” until the focus is on the “Advanced” options page.

4. Press “alt+e” to toggle the “Allow editing directly in cells”

option. Ensure that this is unchecked.

5. Press “enter” to save the changes. Editing cell contents should now work again.




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Subject: How do I edit in a cell in Excel 2016


I'm using Windows 10, JAWS 2021, and MS Office Excel 2016.  I used to be able to press F2 in any cell to edit in that cell in Office 2007 Excel, but I can no longer do that.  I know that it is a matter of unchecking a check box, but where is it?

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