moderated Re: Jeff Lukacsena: looking for Kindle advice

Hope Williamson <webspinner@...>

OK Comcast doesn't like addresses. Every time I send a message there, it keeps failing.

    The Kindle app download link is here:

     I've shortened it, because links will separate into 2-3 lines in emails.

On 4/26/2021 11:20 AM, Hope Williamson wrote:

Hmm, I've used the Kindle for PC since 2015, and have had no problems reading with it. I did have registration issues the first couple times, but then an update took care of those.

    You can read the book with which ever screen reader you're using, if the book supports it. Most of the ones I've gotten do. If it doesn't the app has text to speech built-in.

On 4/26/2021 11:04 AM, Jeff Lukacsena wrote:

Hello List,

Several people I know whave written books. I would like to read them, but they are only available in the Kindle format.

I know Kindle was not very accessible before.

I am wondering if that application has improved.

Is it better to use the Kindle on a PC or a BrailleNote Touch Plus.


Jeff Lukacsena


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