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I rarely run into a CAPTCHA that doesn't have an audio option. The one I did run into a few days ago let you bypass the challenge with an accessibility cookie. That one's called hCAPTCHA. Other than that, I haven't run into one that doesn't in a long, long while.

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Hi everyone,


For anyone having trouble with Capsha’s, although not a perfect solution, there is always Aira or be my eyes, you can call them and have them help you solve the capsha for you. both services are available on most smart phones, so you show the agent your screen and the visual capsha, they can then tell you what to type. with Aira they can even connect directly too your PC through team viewer and solve the capsha for you. Again, I appreciate in an ideal world  that we shouldn’t need to rely on a third party  service and all capsha’s should automatically have an audio option, but sadly that isn’t the case. I also totally appreciate just how frustrating it is to come across a Capsha without an audio option or if the audio is too difficult to understand, as mentioned previously I know Be my eyes and Aira aren’t a perfect solution, but I just wanted to share details about the services to anyone who didn’t already know about the two companies, as a possible work around when people encounter inaccessible capsha’s. Be my eyes is free, Aira although a subscription service, in a lot of countries they offer 1 free five minute call a day for non-subscribed members, which comes in really handy for the odd capsha which you need help with to solve.


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I too have trouble with the audio challenges.  I wear hearing aids, and it is usually very difficult to understand half of what’s being said.




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Randy Barnett

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On Sat, Apr 24, 2021Well it's great you can figure them out most of th well it's great you can figure them out most of the time but for many of us blind people actually have to use them I don't have a choice it's really really a sore subject for us. I'm not the only one who has trouble with the audio challenges most of us do… at 03:08 PM, Randy Barnett wrote:

Behringer you have to register first. And their capture is totally in accessible there was absolutely no way for a blind person to do it.

By the way, you should scream bloody murder at them over this.  They actually use BotDetect CAPTCHA, which follows accessibility practices outlined by WCAG and Section 508, but Behringer has elected to omit the button to speak/announce the CAPTCHA text.  If you (or anyone) wants to play with BotDetect CAPTCHAs then go to the BotDetect CAPTCHA Demo Page, which does include both the Change the CAPTCHA Code and Speak the CAPTCHA Code buttons.  These are built-in features that, from all appearances, Behringer (or I should say, since that's the actual site Behringer is using for their account registry) has intentionally removed that button from the CAPTCHA.

I sometimes have to change the captcha code if there are several sound-alike letters right in a row in a given code, but when there are not I can get the code on the first (usually) or second listening, depending on the length of the CAPTCHA itself, without having seen those characters.  It also depends on exactly which Sound Style is being used, too.  To listen to those, go to the BotDetect Accessibility Demand for Audio CAPTCHA page, and search for the link entitled, Dispatch.  It's the first sound style in a series of 12, and some of them are much easier for me to understand than others are (which I'm sure is the general idea).  When I change the CAPTCHA code on the demo page it generally has a different sound style than the last one did, but not absolutely always. 

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