Moderated Interacting with tables in PowerPoint 2016


Hi all:

Has anyone experienced this issue?

I can't seem to interact with tables (read/edit) int PowerPoint.
Haven't tried this with 365, but am currently experiencing this in
2016 running the February
update of JAWS 2021. Note: JAWS 2019 seems to behave the same way, so
I think navigation has changed and I'm unaware of it.

In the past to edit tables I would press enter on the object, JAWS
would say "edit," and thenI was free to interact with the text as I
chose. I've tried using table commands to navigate (I prefer the table
layer way of navigating), but that doesn't seem to make a difference.
Everything I've googled indicates nothing has changed from the
past, but obviously something has. The last time I've nagivated in
tables I was runnijng Windows 7, PowerPoint 2013 and JAWS 16, so a lot
of factors have changed. The joy of work machine upgrades.

Any help much appreciated.



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