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As is Dropbox, I guess a lot depends on how much space you are looking for. I still think the 1 Tb of OneDrive storage you get with a Microsoft 365 subscription which as an individual you can have for I think $59 or $69 US is one of the best deals around as it also gives you a full licence to run Office on up to 5 devices. You simply log in to Microsoft 365 and download/install Office from there so for $5 or $6 a month you get Office as well as 1 TB of cloud storage. If you have another family member or members who might benefit from this you can get the Family plan for I think $99 US (sorry I'm in Canada so of course the CAD price here is different) and then each family member you invite can share in these benefits, I think up to 5 people). Each person can download Office and each person gets 1 Tb of OneDrive storage. If you have 4 people on the plan and provided it is $99 then essentially each person gets all of this for $25 a year.


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Microsoft's OneDrive and Google Drive are both good options, and additional space can be added, if needed, inexpensively.

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