moderated Re: I want a good cloud drive to store files in.

Phillip Gross

Depends on the features you want. If you use apple products as well and want to share between your phone and computer easily try iCloud. If you have Office 365 already then why not just use 1Drive. If you have a google account then why not Google Drive. This is also a lesss expensive solution depending on how much space you need. Personally, there are things I don’t like about Google’s layout, so I don’t use them for much besides searching, but that’s each person’s preference. Your last good option is Dropbox.

Each person is going to have one that fits them best. My advice would be to sit down, look at the features each offers both free and paid, and decide which one fits your needs best. How much space do you need? Do you care if there are extra steps to access what you need to access? For example, on 1Drive, when someone shares a file with you you have to first access it online. It doesn’t appear in your 1Drive folder on your computer until you tell it to. With Dropbox it’s in the Dropbox folder. You don’t have to go to your browser to get it. This could have changed but was the case the last time I was sharing files on 1Drive. If it matters iCloud is the only one native to iDevices though they all have apps and will work.

Like I said the best thing you can do is make a list of the features you want, decide what you’re willing to pay if anything for those features, and compare them.

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