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This is a serious problem. I’ve been using Zoom for the last 8 months with Jaws 2020 and Jaws 2021, and this problem has persisted  since then. In my personal case though, this happens to me with different combination keys, such as alt plus r to record a meeting, or even alt plus a to open  / close my Microphone.




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Subject: Raise/Lower hand meeting control in Zoom for Windows


Is there an easy way to find the Raise/Lower hand meeting control in the Participants panel using Zoom Meetings client for Windows? I know that the shortcut ALT+Y can be used. But is there an easy way using JAWS to navigate to the actual meeting control? Sometimes when using ALT+Y, I hear the error sound, as if ALT+Y is not focusing on the actual meeting control.


Thank you.


Bill White




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