moderated Re: Tabbing around in outlook

Cohn, Jonathan

Is this a general occurrence for you or only for e-mails from a specific vendor or service?
In web views, it is possible for a coder of the page to re-arrange tab order, and in with the use of CSS one can display things in a different order from the way they are listed in the source code. Either of these can effect tab order.

So, if all e-mails from Global Widget company seem to have tabs out of order, but emails from don't then this is a problem with the way the mail is laid out, and not with your e-mail client or JAWS.

On Apr 21, 2021, at 05:02, Andrew Summers via <> wrote:

When I open a new email to read and I use the tab key it goes to the first
link and reads it, but when I press tab again it says the name of the link


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