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chandrashekar R.

Hey Thanks for the Script link, is there a way for NVDA as well? only
drawback I could see with both reader is they doesn't support for file
download, nor they will not read the file name.

On 4/21/21, Brian D <> wrote:

I use Slack each day for my job. It has challenges, but overall, it is

These scripts helped me a great deal using Jaws.

Best wishes,

Brian Dalton.

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Yes, I use it daily in my job as well. If you arrow around the screen, I
think there are a lot of unnecessary buttons, etc. that get read, but maybe
I could customize JAWS to work better with it.

I don’t know if you will have this issue, but sometimes if I try to navigate
to the edit box where you type in a message using the “E” key, it actually
types the “E” at the start of my message instead of finding the edit field.
So I have gotten in the habit of listening for that and erasing it once I am
in the edit field.

Good luck,

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Subject: Re: Slack and JAWS?

It is accessible.
I use it on a daily basis.
You may wanna do a search for slack shortcut keys to at least become a
little familiar with it.


On Apr 20, 2021, at 5:34 PM, James Homuth
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Hey folks,

I have a job interview coming up, but they use Slack as their platform of
choice. It’s a text interview, which explains probably why MS Teams is out.
How useable/accessible is Slack with JAWS? Anything I need to know before
going in? If it helps, I’m on latest version. Thanks in advance.


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