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On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 08:59 PM, Cornelius wrote:
I suspect the update which are listed as "firmware update" will restore the BIOS settings to default
And you'd be right, at least in your case, since it's happened repeatedly.   BIOS is firmware (which is a somewhat more generic term) so you're absolutely right that when you see an update mentioning firmware on a PC the first thing that should enter your mind is BIOS/UEFI.  But it appears that different BIOS/UEFI systems handle the updates differently.  I haven't yet done one on a system on which the Function Key function reverted to media keys/smart keys, but I have no doubt that those reporting that change are reporting accurately.  There have been quite a few BIOS/firmware updates on the HP and Toshiba machines I'm dealing with in my household, as well as a number of same on client computers, but no one has called me saying their function keys reverted (but, of course most my sighted clients have never changed the media/smart behavior back to straight function keys, but I have on several laptops).

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