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Taylor Durrett

OK, cool. Thank you. I don’t have to pay for that? I do remember from a really long time ago a program called Talking Typer that you had to buy and install on your computer.

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Please consider trying the online Talking Typer program from APH, fully accessible from any web browser.
Very screen reader friendly.

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Hello. I’m working on a job application as a transcriptionist, and they want to know my words per minute. I know I am a good and fast Taiper, but I don’t know my exact words per minute, so they recommend using the site called typing Has anyone Heard of or usedHeard of or used this site successfully with JAWS? I get on the website and click on how long I want my test to be and all that, and then I hit start test, but then I don’t know what to type or where to type it, or there’s no audio instructions or anything else, I don’t see a timer at Cetera. Does anyone know if this is accessible or what other typing test type websites I could use that are more blind friendly.

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