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my post the very first response to this question was to do exactly what is friend did.  go to diss manager look for the drive and assign a drive letter, initialize or format as needed. That's what was required to fix his issue. strange how much flack I got for that statement… LOL :-)

Randy Barnett

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That’s great that your new external hard disk is now being recognized and working as expected. Considering the wealth of responses that were provided to your post, it would be nice if in the future you get more resolution details from whoever helps you so you could share them with the list.


Alan Lemly


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Hello all,


I feel obliged to inform you that a sighted friend of mine fixed the issue for me, I think by doing something under Disk Management.


I sincerely thank you all for all your efforts to help me!


With all best wishes,




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Every hard drive I have purchased which is to be used as an internal drive, I have had to Ppartition and format, which, touch wood, I have not had to do, with any external USB storage device.




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I have not heard of a disk being sold without formatting since 3.5 inch diskettes

You young whippersnapper!   What about 5.25" floppy diskettes?  What about 8" floppy diskettes!

[By the way, you still can get internal drives that are uninitiaized.  But that's a different kettle of fish than any removable media.]

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