moderated Re: How do I find my libraries in Windows 10?


These would have to be regular folders, I presume.  If you know even part of what either the folder itself is named, or one of the files in any one of the folders in the library is named, do a Windows Search on it.   Let's say the file itself had "sheep" as part of it's name.

1. Hit the Windows Key and immediately start typing sheep, or go to the search box, button, whatever you have on your taskbar and search using it.  If you know you want to limit your search to documents (as in files, not the documents folder) you could use docs:sheep.
2. Down arrow through your search results until you land on the file you know to be one you were looking for.
3. Right arrow over to the things you can do for this file then down arrow until you find Open file path, if you actually want to open the folder containing that file, or Copy full path, if you want to open Notepad or similar, paste it, and examine the actual path to that file.

If you do a lot of searching in general on file name rather than file content, I'd suggest using the Everything Search by instead.

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