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paul lemm

Hi Bill,


Sorry I didn’t see the message about tom’s One drive not showing the folder size . I just took a look at my own one drive, when I find the one drive folder through file explorer,, if I  bring up properties, the file size does show for me. If I then go into any of the folders in my one drive , again, I can bring up the properties of any of the folders in the drive and get their file size too, the only folder it doesn’t seem to work on is my personal vault in there,  although I can bring up properties of that folder the size doesn’t display,, I’m assuming that’s a security thing  since it’s a protected folder.  


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Hi, Paul. This works in most situations, but the one Steve, Dave and Tom are discussing here is used space and available space on One Drive. With One Drive, ALT plus ENTER does not give used and free space of the drive, either with JAWS key plus V or with JAWS key plus ALT, and W. Those items are not listed in the properties window of the One Drive drive letter assigned to One Drive.


Bill White




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Just following on from this, after pressing Alt and enter to bring up the properties window, as a quicker way of getting the file size, rather than using the jaws key and B to read all, instead, if you press Alt, jaws  key and W, it virtualises the properties window so you can then use the arrow keys to navigate  and can very quickly access the file size information ,  by just pressing the down arrow a couple of times to get to the file size information. When finished press escape to exit virtualisation, and then escape again to exit the properties window as usual. Hope this might help anyone who didn’t already know the key stroke for this, definitely makes getting folder size quicker and easier.


Paul Lemm

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As I think I said yesterday, the alt enter command does not seem to give the folder size, at least on my Windows 10 computer here.


It gives other information like you would expect, but not the file size, number of files and folders, etc..


I find this strange, because it seems to work well for other drives.


Tom Behler


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If using JAWS,and with your focus on the OneDrive folder, or for that matter any folder you want this information for, press Alt Enter for Properties and then press Insert B and you will evntually hear the size of the folder.

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