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Bill White

Hi, Madison. It's possible that if you are using Standard View in Gmail on the web, instead of Basic html view, the My Calendars tab may not show up as a button. You might want to try just looking for the text words My Calendars with the CONTROL plus F command in your browser, or it may appear as one word with the M and C capitalized as follows: MyCalendars.


Since I don't have calendars integrated into my gmail account, I can't check this for you. I hope something about what I have shared might help you.


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I'm trying to find my calendars under the calendars tab, I'm trying to subscribe my google calendar to Outlook. I have instructions, but I just can't get to the my calendars tab/button. I can get to my calendars, but I can’t get to the settings for them, only the general calendar settings. I can send the link for the instructions if that would help.




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On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 03:04 PM, Madison Martin wrote:

I'm trying to do something

And knowing what this is will likely get you a more precise answer.  There is no way to maximize the folder tree in Gmail in the conventional sense that most of us use the term.  But there are all sorts of ways to quickly get to specific labels or messages and the Gmail search function is incredibly powerful in terms of zeroing in on the message or messages you're looking for.

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