moderated Re: Is visual studio accessible?

Jaffar Sidek

Hi Anne.  Visual studio is definitely accessible.  however, the only edition of visual studio that is free is the community edition.  Visual studio itself is an IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment.  If your student wants to learn c/c++, then he/she will have to choose the c/c++ compiler and tools as part of the visual studio download because they don't come with the visual studio download automatically.  Feel free to ask if there are more questions.  Cheers!

On 17/4/2021 3:59 am, Ann Byrne wrote:

My student wants to study programming.  can he expect to be able to use visual c++?  Is that the same as visual studio?  Is the latter accessible?  Is it still possible for a blink to program?  In which languages?



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