moderated Re: Jeff Lukacsena: does anyone use Linux with Jaws

Glenn / Lenny

Hi Jeff,
Jaws only works on the Microsoft operating systems.
Linux is more akin to the Mac OS, or I should say, Apple's OS is based on Linux.
Linux has a screenreader called Orca, and it comes with many distros of Linux.
Many of the keyboard commands in Linux are the same as in windows, just because they are common, like alt tab and alt F4 for example, and in Linux, you don't have to deal with ribbons, it still uses regular menus.
In Linux you can install the TTS called Voxin, which is what Jaws users know as Eloquence.
That costs like 5 or 10 dollars from the Orlux site.

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Subject: Jeff Lukacsena: does anyone use Linux with Jaws

Hello List,

I was wondering if anyone on here uses Linux with Jaws.

What version of Jaws are you using?

How successful is it.

Where can I learn more about it?

Do I need any other software to make it work?


Jeff Lukacsena


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