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Besides RAM, what’s more important for virtual machines is the load on the processor. I myself have configured 4 GB for all my virtual machines out of 16 GB of physical RAM on the computer I’m typing this email. Thankfully UEFI on this system is set to enable hardware-assisted virtualization, and not all vendors enable this feature in firmware. Although binary translation or software-based virtualization may work (and is compatible with older processors), hardware-assisted solutions such as Intel VTX and AMD-V improves virtualization performance significantly, especially for guest operating systems that can detect presence of a hypervisor such as VMware and Hyper-V and can optimize their inner workings. Again not everyone might be using a virtualization solution or need sophisticated hardware if they don’t need this feature (virtualization is useful if you do need to run different operating systems such as older Windows releases (or if you are testing really bleeding-edge code every week) for any reason, especially if a program or two would not work on newer operating systems despite attempts to do so such as compatibility mode).




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So it would be nice to have enough RAM to have all them running at one time without rebooting, and simply alt tab between them, which is what I do now with VmWare, but with 8GB of RAM, having even two open at one time slows down my system.

Even if you gave each 12 GB of RAM, which would be very generous, the total would be 36 GB.  I'd never even go that high.  I'd be shocked if 16 GB to 24 GB would not be more than sufficient the way that memory management is handled, by all the OSes you name, these days.

64 GB is unlikely to ever be fully exploited, and that's under really, really heavy-duty use.

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