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Glenn / Lenny

I for one would like to have that much RAM, as I use windows 7, 10, and Linux, of different versions.
So it would be nice to have enough RAM to have all them running at one time without rebooting, and simply alt tab between them, which is what I do now with VmWare, but with 8GB of RAM, having even two open at one time slows down my system.

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There are things about computers you fundamentally don't understand, and I can prove this by reposting messages you've put up on other lists that indicate you think bigger is better. That's true to a point, but your specifications go way past that point, on to the point of just tossing money around for the sake thereof. . Your specifications are fantastic, even for a commercial data center, but you forgot one thing--the size of the internal drives. 2TB? a 10000RPM drive and only 2TB? 64GB of system memory, 95% of which you'll never use, and only 8TB of combined storage? Come on, man--if you're going to throw money away, why not go for real broke and get respectably-sized drives, like maybe 12TB, making your aggregate storage 48TB.

What on earth do you plan on doing with this thing? Putting a Xeon processor in it and starting Ingram Timesharing or something? BIG LOL!

And of course you know that three months after you buy all of this, which would cost you the better part of at least eight grand, some component of it would be obsolete, or support for some hardware component would end abruptly. That's just the way things are in this business, you know.

And after all of the above, would the songs you write or play be any better? That's the real question. Never mind the hardware. An i3 with four gigs of RAM can produce the same music that your behemoth could, and you could use the leftover money on a promotions budget.

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Hi, if I were getting a new computer, here are the things that I would want first would be the amount of ram would be at least 64 gb of ram, the fastest ram that would be supported by the motherboard.  Second, would be the number of hard drives,4 hard drives. drive speed would be 10,000 rpm size of hard drive would be 2tb for each drive.  Latest i7 or in this case i9 processor with 16 coars.  Operating system windows 10 pro 2 cd rom drives.  a monitor keyboard, speakers These would be the specs for a new computer.

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Hi Barbara, is the storage on OneDrive related  to office 365? If not, how much can you putt on one drive? Jim


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Hi Jim,


Others have mentioned some specs, but I do have a few other ideas for you to consider.  You probably want to be sure your new computer has a camera, one which automatically focuses.  Why you ask?  If you participate in any zoom meetings with friends or family, they will want to see you.  Only one of my two computers has a camera and I must be sure to use it in these situations.


Another suggestion is your backup situation.  There are a lot of ways to do this nowadays.  I currently purchased Office 365 which has a very reasonable fee system.  You can set this up with your wife and she can have access to your files.  There is a way to do this and also a way not to share, so you can keep all your secrets!  It is JAWS friendly.  You will have lots of storage for your music or anything else you wish.  There are a variety of packages to select from.  Keep in mind this is where Microsoft is putting all their efforts, so it will likely always be the most accessible.  I also wanted this so if I am unable to access my information due to health for example, my family who I share this with can get access to important information.  There are other cloud storage options out there, but you may want to look at those, but after my own review with my sister, we decided on One Drive.


This would eliminate you looking for a less expensive version of Office as well.


I also have a network drive.  This has some duplication with the cloud storage, but I had this before I signed up for Office 365.  A network drive allows me to store and work from this physical drive which operates via the modem.  There is a password to prevent others from getting access.  It automatically backs up to a mirror drive so if the primary drive goes bad, all my information will still be available.


Lots of moving pieces to consider.  Smile.


Good luck.





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Hi all,

It looks like I can select what I want on the computer I am getting, so, I want your opinions.

What would you like on your computer? Since I am into music, and use music files for my global voice shows, I obviously want a good player, and, a good recorder to use. I want win amp as my primary player, and have been using virtual recorder, but  I’m open to suggestions on any  recorder you like. How much memory etc. would you like?   any of these thoughts are appreciated. I am running jaws 2018, but will be running jaws 2021 on my  new computer.[Jim


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