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On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 09:38 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
I would not put the files I value on an HD drive these days since the price of SSD has come down so far.
I really do not understand this statement, and I say that as a professional computer tech.

I personally prefer SSDs for OS drives just due to the speed factor, but definitely not for reliability or recoverability.  All of my personal backup drives are HDDs because they are very reliable (and have been for decades now) and will generally give you lots of warning signs before failure.  SSDs have a tendency to be very much like jump drives, SD cards, and similar in that when they decide to die they just up and die.  And I can definitely say that the cost of data recovery from SSDs (and other similar media) is far more expensive and less certain than HDDs.

I wouldn't even think of using an SSD as my primary backup media.  Until they become far less inclined to sudden death, and until data recovery probability goes way up and costs go way down, I'll use HDDs as backup media.

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