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Well it's hard for anyone using Win PE to remember that you are working strictly out of RAM.
That is why when people boot to it, they are looking for their desktop and their programs, because it is just like their windows, only with none of their programs.
I think I used to do the normal shutdown when using it too, before I decided to just start holding down the power button to shut it down when using Win PE.

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I realize what you say is true, however, a good habbit is hard to break.
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On WinPE you can simply pull the plug so to speak, or even literally when shutting down with WinPE, as it is only loaded in RAM, so nothing would get broke.
It's wiped out on power off.
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I use Image for Windows, produced by Terabyte. You get a 30 day trial, then you need to purchase a license, to go on using the program. I do not think the purchase price is that expensive, probably about 50 dollars, US.
As far as I know, there are 2 versions of a Talking Windoes Preinstall Environment (TWPE). One produced by Brian Smart for Windows 7 and another by someone by the name of Carlos, sorry I do not know his last name, for Windows 10. Once you  boot into either TWPE, hopefully You should be able to run Macrium Reflect Free, to restore a previously created image to your system drive, using NVDA to speak the prompts and menues.
I use Brian Smart's Windows 7 TWPE and the Image for Windows  restore utility, to restore images. I use this TWPE because, I find that it boots faster, an it definitely shuts down the computer correctly, when you have finished restoring an image or, when you have finished using the TWPE for any other reason.
When I have used Carlos's TWPE, I have found that when you shut down the computer, it occasionally hangs, and you need to press and hold the power button, until the system switches off.
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Will it run within Win PE?

On 4/13/2021 5:04 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 07:58 PM, Alan Lemly wrote:
I did need a bit of sighted help to restore
Which is true of the vast majority of backup/restore software because the restore process takes place without Windows itself actually being running, meaning there is no screen reader support.  

Most of my sighted clients have no idea how to do a restore even if they wanted to, but several have been very, very thankful indeed that they had a backup that they'd taken on a regular cycle when they had storage failure (whether HDD or SSD) but had to have me do the actual restore.  It sure as heck beats losing all the data one acquires over years on most computer systems!

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