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James Rinehart

Hi James,


The link in your email goes to a site that says it is expired.  Just an FYI


Unless you have something really specific going on, you should be able to run Outlook with JAWS even if the reading pane is turned on.  I run it on and to the right.


But is you don’t want the reading pane, Try this and see if it helps.


Starting at the inbox


Press Alt + V + C + V

Right arrow twice  to preview (gets rid of the reading pane)


Repeat the Alt + V + C + V opens a menu press S to save Then Enter


Good luck






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Subject: Setting Outlook up for JAWS


Does anybody have a tried and tested tutorial for configuring Outlook to run with JAWS? I know one of the main steps with this is switching off the Reading Pane in all views, but I can't get this to work consistently and none of the tutorials I've found online seem to do the trick.



Too brief? Here's why!

Was wondering if anyone has knowledge if Spark Instant Messenger is compatible with JAWS 2018?


Jim Rinehart

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