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I too would stick with SSD depending on your space needs 512 GB or 1 TB.

I would not put the files I value on an HD drive these days since the price of SSD has come down so far.


I believe there is now an I8 if not an I9 chip.

I have the I7 and it is great and all I need.


Make sure you have at least 3 USB ports.

A built-in SD card reader.

I don’t know if Windows is putting in USBC ports, but that would be nice since many things are going that way.






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If I could get one right now, here's what I'd do.

    I'd definitely get 16-32 GB of ram, because if you want the thing to last for 6-7 years, you just never know what's going to be needed that far down the road. I'd definitely go for an I7, although it doesn't have to be the fastest one out there, they're already fast.

    I'd see if I could get a 1 TB SSd, and a 2-4 TB external drive. That should store everything you need, and then some. There's most likely no need for a secondary internal drive, if you can pull off a 1 TB SSD.

On 4/15/2021 5:42 AM, john clayton wrote:

Hi Jim,

 Here's what I would suggest you get.

 At least a I5 or I7th gen processor, the newer the better or an AMD equivalent 

 1 SSD and 1 HDD. the SSd to act as your C drive and where your windows and programs you use frequently go, and the HDD to store things such as music, movies etc. SSd minimum 128GB 256GB preferred, 512 if you can pull that off. HDD should be around 1TB to 4TB, totally up to you and your budget.

8GB of ram should be more than enough for most things, but if you want to future proof your machine, go for 16GB ram instead.

Hope that helped some,




On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 at 11:56, Jim Rawls <jazzpiano@...> wrote:

Hi all,

It looks like I can select what I want on the computer I am getting, so, I want your opinions.

What would you like on your computer? Since I am into music, and use music files for my global voice shows, I obviously want a good player, and, a good recorder to use. I want win amp as my primary player, and have been using virtual recorder, but  I’m open to suggestions on any  recorder you like. How much memory etc. would you like?   any of these thoughts are appreciated. I am running jaws 2018, but will be running jaws 2021 on my  new computer.[Jim



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