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Justin Williams

I used to be able to do that, but it was as if the dialogue box you just described was not there.

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What I do to create a system Image using W10, newest, and Jaws 2021.
1. I have an external hard drive, 2TB , plugged in and running.
2. I have everything closed and go to the desktop, press the search key and type in back up and restore and click on it, and when that opens there is a link to make backup and click on that.
3. One of the first things seen, or said, is something about using W7 to create files. Do not worry about the W7 thing because it is what Windows calls their back up system.
When the back up window opens it will ask you on which hard drive you would like to have it installed to. in there were 3 choices im my case ,C Drive,CD, and My external E Drive.
I chose the E Drive.
There should be a next on it.
5. After the next window opens tab to the Create Syystem Image and click on it.
6.In the next window it will ask in which format you would like to save the format. The first one was highlighted and I just left it there.
Then there is a next on it.
7. Depending on how much , or how big the image will be, it will take at least an hour or more to finish. When I made the first one it took 2 and a half hours because I had many programs and so on. You can check the progress if you have percentage thing turned on or just go to the Jaws window and it will tell you. It might feel stuck after about 95 percent or so, but dont worry about it, it is still doing its job. There is always a cancel button if you dont like it.
When it is finished in that window,, it will tell you to click on the finish button, and it is done.
When this is all finished, go to the external drive and check to see what folders show up. One might be a data file and the other should say something like system. You can open it and in there you will find a folder with the date of The image you made.
This is where Windows will come to retreive the image when you do a system restore. Remember if you have to do a system restore, to have this external hard drive plugged in and turned on.
I am not sharp at making these kind of files, but I hope it works.

Morey Worthington

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