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Jason White

I’ve used CloneZilla successfully. The restoration process should be accessible, is it’s all done from a Linux console (e.g., obtained via a bootable USB drive). As I recall, CloneZilla itself offers a menu-based interface.


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I’m with Brian. Macrium Reflect is a great program for making images of your entire system. I did need a bit of sighted help to restore one of those images but when the hard disk on my Windows 7 box died the other day, I was able to purchase a replacement from Amazon for about $50, restore the backed up image from my external USB drive and be back in business after a few hours. Here is the download link to Macrium Reflect for anyone who is interested:


Alan Lemly


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Subject: Re: create a system image.


One option, and there are others:  Using Macrium Reflect Free with a Screen Reader

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