moderated How to navigate to the end of data in a Google spreadsheet with Jaws?


Hello list,

Does anyone know how to jump to the end of the data in a Google docs spread sheet with Jaws or if it is even possible?

The Excel commands with the end/home plus the different arrow keys don’t appear to work. I have both the accessibility and Braille display settings enabled as well as the use similar commands as in other spread sheet programs or whatever it’s called.

I’ve poked around in the list of keystroke commands (including for navigation) also in settings and didn’t find anything either.

Ideally, I’d like for focus to land on the last row with data as this spread sheet in particular is always being updated. Indeed, when viewing a Google spreadsheet with VoiceOver on the iPhone, focus is always on the last row of data when opening the document, but working with a spreadsheet or reviewing information this way at least for me, isn’t efficient enough to make it the primary means in which I wish to work.

For the record, I’m using the most current versions of Jaws 2021 and Edge.

Thank you,


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