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Richard Turner

I do not know WinAmp very well, but if the files had been on the c drive before, then the path it is using is probably it looking for them there.
There should be a way within the program to point it to the new location.
Good luck.
I tried the c and d drive setup once, and decided it was not worth the work.

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On Apr 12, 2021, at 7:01 PM, Marty Hutchings <mhutchings152730@...> wrote:

Hello everyone.  I have made the change from Windows 7 to a brand new Windows 10 machine with lots of bells and  whisels.  I have transferred all of my files to the D drive, which before, they were in the C drive.  Now for the fun part.  How do I get my playlists to play in Winamp?  I am running the most recent JAWS update.  The music files and the play list .M3U files are together in the same folder thatt they were on my old computer.  The Winamp program, however is on the C drive.  Is this my problem?

I have lots of other questions like how to get my contacts into Outlook 2016 or Windows Mail, but that is another thread.  Thanks in advanced for any hents.

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