moderated Combo box behavior in Outlook 2019 advanced find dialog


Hi List,


I’m using Fusion 2020 and am learning a new Outlook 2019 on a new Windows 10 computer. I noted the advanced find keystroke of ctrl + shift + f buried in the Email Clients thread  that seems to have acquired  a life of its own. When you invoke the advance find dialog with the hotkey, you can press alt + k to move to the combo box where you can pick where you want to search.  If starting from the inbox as I usually am, you’ll by default be searching Messages which is preselected in the combo box. After pressing alt + k, I press alt + down arrow to move through the drop-down list that opens. This is where the behavior is unlike anything I’m used to on my Windows 7 computer. Instead of letting me arrow up and down the list and pressing enter to select the one I want, as soon as I press either up or down arrow, the list closes and whichever item was in the arrowed spot is selected. Is there another way to arrow up and down through a combo box list in Outlook 2019 you can share where I can be the one making the selection?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Alan Lemly

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