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On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 02:22 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
It was mentioned in the first email that it is a "My Passport Ultra".
Agreed.  But we have zero info on the make and model of machine being connected to, whether the drive actually works on another machine, etc.  I wasn't talking about the information for the drive itself, but the whole environment in which it's being expected to work.

You've already identified several potential issues that are not of the USB drive itself, but would be of the environnment.

I'm essentially on my (and not only my) soapbox that it really, really helps to have make and model information for the computer, operating system information, if a screen reader issue is suspected (which it isn't here) screen reader version information, etc.

Vague problem descriptions almost invariably lead to topics like this one where other participants are trying, often in vain, to tease out information never initially offered and where that information is not offered by the original poster even after requested.

An analogous situation was a private correspondence I had recently asking about captchas.  I responded that saying you were having a captcha problem is akin to saying you're having a webpage problem.   While there are not as many varieties of captchas as there are webpages, the general principle applies when there are many varieties of a given thing and you have not given any indication about the particular variety or instance.  It's almost impossible to answer any question about captchas without knowing, at the very least, the type of captcha involved.

One of my favorite quotations with regard to problems is this:

Most problems precisely defined are already partially solved.

         ~ Harry Lorayne, Memory Makes Money

And I'm well aware that it often takes work to get to that precise definition, and it may not be available at the outset.  But keeping this in mind really helps when you're about to ask a question, as the more information available about he problem the more likely a potential assistant has enough to give an answer.  It can take several cycles to complete the scenario, but having a few foundational bits to start with helps a lot.


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