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Lcd? Sorry ted have forgotten meaning I think in xp you can set a
resolution and bit level and are often advised the level but I think I was
told windows 7 it is not important, however I shall be speaking to the
person tomorrow and will ask him I think he will know ththanks ted and
Adrian dorothy

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If you're using LCD, these units default to their maximum resolution.
Most today are high, or at least advanced, definition, with many maxing
out in the neighborhood of 1080X1920. Manufacturers usually recommend
leaving them alone, although changes can be easily implemented through
Control Panel.

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Dear list can you explain if when using Jaws 12 or 11 and windows 7 and
outlook what importance is the resolution, I know it matters in xp, but
get the impression it is not of great importance in windows 7 . The
resolution of the screen is not the same is it? I think some have a
resolution, thanks Dorothy

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