moderated Re: ANy way to turn off cursor routing funcationality?

Debby Hill



Generally, I think you are out of luck. But I wonder if playing with the cursor options under braille will make any difference. The one I was thinking of was “braille cursor follow active cursor.” However, I am afraid, the display will just sit there like a lump.


The other thought I have is that if the display is using a blinking cursor, turn that off. I don’t know, it might keep whatever short is occurring to happen less often.


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From: <> On Behalf Of JM Casey
Sent: Saturday, April 10, 2021 7:12 PM
Subject: ANy way to turn off cursor routing funcationality?


Hey everyone. I’m using JAWS 2018 and an old Baum Brailliant 80 braille display. Something seems to have gone wrong with said display, possibly a short of some kind, which is causing cursor routing to activate spontaneously and randomly. This is obviously a huge pain and causing a great amount of frustration, but as braille is my preferred output, I’d like to continue using the display. Is there any way to simply turn off cursor routing? I know it’s a function of the display, but JAWS must be the medium between the display and windows. I looked around in braille settings and can’t find anything.

Anyone know?


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