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I really haven't been following this thread, but things are slow, so I saw this one.
I'll add that I read where magnetic tapes are still strong, and it is incredible how much they can back up.
They might be sort of slow for file retrieval, but they put SSD drives to shame in terms of amount of storage.
They are quite expensive though.
That is the newer ones that store a lot of data.
In the 90s and post 2K, I would chuckle at the old star trek shows of the future when they mentioned the computer tapes, but now I see that is not so silly.

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Brian said: What about 5.25" floppy diskettes?

I figured I didn't need to mention them because they are older than the 3.5 diskettes.
So much for young ...

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I have not heard of a disk being sold without formatting since 3.5 inch diskettes
You young whippersnapper!   What about 5.25" floppy diskettes?  What about 8" floppy diskettes!

[By the way, you still can get internal drives that are uninitiaized.  But that's a different kettle of fish than any removable media.]

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