moderated How to unmute off volume on facebook live ?

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All  I have jaws2020 and laptop  windows10 ,When I’m on chrome with  and go on notification page  when I arrow down through the list  then when I get to my funeral home was on facebook live  with graveside or funeral service  for whomever  when I press enter on Gethers Funeral home is on facebook live  or any church facebook live  now the live is not playing  so I called microsoft disability support this morning  to ask them to get me on live  then I explained to the support  that my sister had told me on Sunday morning when I press enter on 7th district ame church is on facebook live  it wasn’t playing the live  so my sister told me its on is playing but she doesn’t hear it so she said the mute on volume  she had to unmute off the volume for the live to plays !! The man support told me this morning Gethers funeral home facebook live was mute on volume  so he unmute off the volume  for the live to play so I asked him how can I unmute off the volume  on laptop when I press enter on any facebook live when I press enter from notification page  ? He didn’t tell me anything to how to do it. Does anyone know how to unmute off the volume on facebook live  on laptop computer ?


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