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Hello there;

 want some audio in your safe mode?

for all the techies who havent heard about this yet.
audio in safe mode, download the keys from the sendspace link at the


while in safe mode I use NVDA as the screen reader, then dont need to
install the video driver.

how to use the keys
if windows can boot ok & windows is running
then just press enter on the key, activate sound in safe mode.reg
you need to say yes & this will add keys to the safe boot tree in the
registry that will enable the audio service to startup
now you can boot into safe mode using the following 2 methods
press windows r to open the run box
in the run box type, msconfig & press enter
the system configuration window will open
either shift tab once to get up into the tabs & use the right arrow,
or use control tab & find the boot tab
its called the Boot tab in windows 7, boot.ini tab in xp
once on the boot tab, start tabbing through the options & you will find
boot option Safe boot, you need to check this
then tab once more & you will find radio buttons
use the arrow keys to choose either minimal or network
if you are trouble shooting a connection issue & you want network
support, then choos network
note, if you choose network, while you are connected to the internet
you have no securety running.
if you dont want network support, then choos mimimal
now just tab to the ok button & hit the space bar.
on xp you will get a window saying need to restart, on windows 7 you
will not recieve this & need to restart the system yourself.
while booting up, if you have user accounts setup, it will hang on
this screen & wait for you to choos a user & put in the password
On xp when the system boots into safe mode you will here the windows
log on sound & then you will hear a ding sound,
the ding is a window stating you are in safe mode, just press enter to
You will not get this ding sound in windows 7.
dont forget things in safe mode are a lot slower, so wait a while for
the desktop & so on to load before you try to start NVDA
In xp when you get NVDA running you may find a system configuration
window saying, is in selective mode & so on, I normally tab to never
show this again & check it, then tab to ok
Once you are finished doing what you want to in safe mode, you need
to go back into msconfig into the boot tab & uncheck boot into safe
If you dont do this, you will just keep starting up in safe mode.

2. reboot & after the bios screen hit f8, once the options come up,
choose safe mode or safe mode with networking.

how to use the keys If windows is broken & wont boot up normally
boot into safe mode
plug in a USB stick, I have named mine zebra, so all I do is open
computer, by pressing windows e, & press z, this then lands me on my
then go into the stick & I press, A to land on activate sound with
safe mode.reg
then hit enter on it, then hit enter again to say yes, and the keys are
then you need to reboot back into safe mode for the audio service to

If the onboard audio doesn't startup, then you will need to use a USB

It works great & it's a real help when trouble shooting issues.

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There was a post, I think it was on this list, a while back that gave
instructions for a registry hack that would allow a USB headset to work with

a screen reader in safe mode. I didn't try it since I didn't know just how
safe Safe Mode would be afterwards. A Google search containing the words
"sound Safe Mode" might turn up some information.

Gary King
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No. JAWS needs the drivers that are not installed in Safe Mode.

Dave Carlson
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States, using a Dell Latitude E6520 and Windows 7

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Ok, cool. Does JAWS work in windows "safe mode"?

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Hello there;

Malware bytes works just fine with jaws.

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