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I really don't have any specific examples as is typical when a curmudgeonly dinosaur like me goes on a rant. I think I'm more remembering my sighted days when upgrading between really older Windows versions (maybe as far back as Win 3.1). You're of course right that shortcut keys haven't been changing in program updates of late so I really just need to temper my comments. I have been using computers since the original IBM PC in 1981 and have experienced a lot of user interface changes through various upgrades through the years sometimes with little improvement in the feature set, or at least in the features I used.


Thanks for keeping me focused on the really important issues where upgrades are concerned.


Alan Lemly


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James & Alan,

          I'm curious to hear some specific examples from you.  I absolutely will not deny the seemingly endless stream of new bells and whistles from Microsoft and others, but with the sole exception of the introduction of the ribbon interface (and even then, only for a subset of commands), I haven't encountered many keyboard shortcuts change at all.  The "old standards" have been the same quite literally for as long as I can remember, and the Windows commands that form the core of many programs (e.g., Save, Save As, the navigation dialog for both, Open, etc.) have been, too.

           There is very seldom, in my experience, any shakeup in existing shortcuts secondary to new additions to the UI, whatever those additions may be.  Note well I said seldom, not absolutely never.

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