moderated Re: Cannot find my new external hard disk

David Griffith

I don’t believe it will have anything to do with Jaws.

I can only offer the general advice for these situations.

Looking at the product  spec for this device it is described as plug and play for Windows 10 and portable so will not need a power supply. You should simply be able to plug it in.

So the obvious

Press Windows E to open Explorer and carefully review all the drives to make sure   it is not showing silently under this PC somewhere.

Try putting the drive in another USB Port.

Try putting it into another Machine  if you have one.

Try another type of device like a keyboard or mouse into the same USB port to confirm the actual USB port is working.

If you are using a USB Hub try plugging in directly to your laptop.

Alternatively plugging in via a powered USB Hub if you have one. On occasions I have had external drives which will only show up when they are connected through a USB Hub, mind you I have also had drives which refuse to connect through a USB hub and only work when connected directly.

Finally if all this does not work you could delete your USB Controllers  in Device Manager and let Windows restart  to re-install your USB drivers.

I would only do this however  if the USB Ports are not working with any device, not just this Hard Drive.

If all this does not work it might be, I am afraid a faulty device.


David Griffith.



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From: Gezim Rexha
Sent: 09 April 2021 21:43
Subject: Cannot find my new external hard disk


Hi all,


I just bought a My Passport Ultra hard disk, but I cannot see it I my laptop. I am using the latest JAWS version, if that has any relevance.


I hope this is not too off-topic, and I would appreciate your help.






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