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James Bentley

I do not mind improvements in security or in software improvements.  What gets my goat is when programmers rewrite the entire or most of the entire interface. 


If a program has a good menu system that is user friendly for all, why make dramatic changes which frequently prevent full use of the software by the visually impaired.  Often for years.


Maybe I’m a bit grumpy but I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it...except for minor additions but don’t rewrite nearly 100%  of the menus just because you can write code.  Maybe continual changes are what keep code writers in a job.


OK, I’ll hush for now.


Everyone stay well,


James B  


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When Microsoft release a new version of Microsoft Office, to replace MS365, it is likely, that you will be given an option to upgrade your subscription to the later version. However, this does not necessarily  mean, that Microsoft, will stop supporting MS365 immediately. More than likely, they will go on supporting MS365 with updates and security patches, for some time after the release of the new version.




Dave durber


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Brian, does that maybe mean that I can use MS365 for at least another 4 or 5 years?


I ask only because I dislike the learning curve on major new software.  And, I am just now becoming comfortable with MS365.


Thanks in advance,


James B 


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          I no longer remember how or whether Windows 7 archives the updates that are applied, but Windows 10 keeps track of virtually any update applied to any Microsoft supplied program on the machine.

           I can absolutely assure you, as I used Office 2010 up until about 2, maybe 3, years ago, there is (or was, now) a constant stream of updates to the various Office programs even for 2010.  On this machine before I finally got rid of a last bit that the Office 2010 uninstaller left behind I was getting updates for Office 2010.  The last one I got was, February 2, 2021, update for Office 2010 (KB4493180).  So, as per usual, Microsoft does continue issuing certain updates even after they claim a given product is officially out of support.  This drives me crazy because it sends a really crappy mixed message.  But I dumped Office 2010 simply because it was "showing its age" and there were some features introduced in later versions of Office that I thought might come in handy.  Don't ask me what those were, as that water's so far under the bridge that I cannot recall what it was that finally pushed me to change.

If Windows 7 does update logging you will find these somewhere in that log.  They're classed as "Quality Updates" under the Windows 10 update logging scheme.

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