moderated Re: Lost Jaws Sounds after Update

Ron Pelletier

Hi David,


At this point, I would completely uninstall  JAWS and install a fresh copy. It may work keeping your settings when you remove this version but, if you don’t have anything else using JAWS like OpenBook or something like that, you could remove everything when it asks you if you want to remove shared settings. Don’t worry about losing your licence since it is not located in the JAWS folder. The licence is located in the root of your drive.

Having said that, did you try to install a fresh download of JAWS on top of this one? That is always the first thing to try.


Ron & Danvers


From: <> On Behalf Of David Griffith
Sent: Thursday, April 8, 2021 6:05 PM
Subject: Lost Jaws Sounds after Update


Dear List

After installing the latest Jaws 2021 April Update this week I have lost all Jaws sounds  events – that is no form field sound, no sound if I press insert space etc.

I have also checked Speech and sound scheme and it is set to classic as normal.

I have checked settings centre and Jaws sounds is set to on, as is Form Field sounds.


I have run a repair of Jaws but still no joy in restoring Jaws Sounds. Windows system sounds like the sound events in Microsoft 365 are still working fine.

Any suggestions?


David Griffith.

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