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Greg, I find the accessibility of the web interface of my Hotmail (Outlook) account difficult to navigate. do you, or anyone else, have any hints, tips, or shortcuts that might help me to use it's interface? MS accessibility was going to send me some directions to me to make using the interface easier, but they never did.
after signing into my account, one problem in particular is when I need to navigate to the junk folder to check if a legit email got dumped there.

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From: Greg Loux []
Date: Thursday, April 8, 2021, 8:04 AM
Subject: email clients
Here is my opinion:

I don't think all webmail clients should be generalized as being good.
Gmail has improved significantly over recent years but, for example, the
Comcast/Xfinity webmail interface is horrible, with ads being shown in
two areas and frequent changes to default settings.

A number of my clients use multiple e-mail services.  I recommend
Outlook, because of its consistency and accessibility across different
mail systems (via IMAP/SMTP)...

Outlook can be acquired separately, as part of an Office 365
subscription (which Microsoft prefers), and as part of an Office Home &
Business or Office Professional suite purchase.

I configure Outlook with an additional account (
would work too) and that (Exchange connection) enables my Outlook
contacts and calendar to be synchronized with my iPhone contacts and
calendar.  I don't use my Hotmail account for mail.

-Greg Loux

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