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On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 11:33 PM, Alan Lemly wrote:
But I still think the best security when using one's computer is to apply your own common sense when choosing what to interact with.
About which you will get zero, and I mean zero, argument from me.  Developing safe interaction habits with cyberspace is the very, very best thing anyone can do to keep themselves safe.

This is an opportunity, for which I thank you, to repost the following:

Quietman7, a security expert who is an active contributor on Bleeping Computer, has written extensively on what you (any you) need to do to develop safe interaction habits with cyberspace.  The following four are, in my opinion, must-reads:

·         Users Themselves Are The Most Substantial Weakness In The Security Chain  (just that single message)

·         What you must understand regarding computer security  (also just this single message)

·         Best Practices for Safe Computing

·         Reflections on Antivirus/Antimalware Testing & Comparisons

One of the most important things he says is this:   Security is all about layers and not depending on any one solution, technology or approach to protect yourself from cyber-criminals. The most important layer is you...the first and last line of defense.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you, the end user, are not the first and last line of defense and that you can rely on things like security suites to protect you from all potential attacks.  You can't, and if you follow even most of the Best Practices for Safe Computing your security suite is very unlikely to ever flag anything.

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