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          I no longer remember how or whether Windows 7 archives the updates that are applied, but Windows 10 keeps track of virtually any update applied to any Microsoft supplied program on the machine.

           I can absolutely assure you, as I used Office 2010 up until about 2, maybe 3, years ago, there is (or was, now) a constant stream of updates to the various Office programs even for 2010.  On this machine before I finally got rid of a last bit that the Office 2010 uninstaller left behind I was getting updates for Office 2010.  The last one I got was, February 2, 2021, update for Office 2010 (KB4493180).  So, as per usual, Microsoft does continue issuing certain updates even after they claim a given product is officially out of support.  This drives me crazy because it sends a really crappy mixed message.  But I dumped Office 2010 simply because it was "showing its age" and there were some features introduced in later versions of Office that I thought might come in handy.  Don't ask me what those were, as that water's so far under the bridge that I cannot recall what it was that finally pushed me to change.

If Windows 7 does update logging you will find these somewhere in that log.  They're classed as "Quality Updates" under the Windows 10 update logging scheme.

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