writing to copytrans manager support

Rob <musicmaker365@...>

Dear List,
I am writing to ask you to help me contact Copytrans support to let them know we are interested in using Copytrans Manager to manage our iPhone, iPod and iPads without using iTunes.
I used a few basic scripts to use the program with windows XP, but it seems a little different under windows 7.
this is a wonderful program and would be great if no scripts were needed.
listen to my demo for a better understanding of what copytrans manager can do:
please note that since I made this demo, they have now made copytrans drivers.
so there is no need to install iTunes.
download the drivers:
download the program:
if you have questions, email me
Below is a copy of the letter I emailed to Copytrans,
Dear Copytrans,
I am a vision impaired user of copytrans manager.
I love your program.
bbut there are a few problems that I hope you can help the blind community with.
First, being blind, it is very hard, mostly impossible to find and click graphics in your program such as the following:
select iPod
Save changes
add tracks....
Is there a way that you could put these items in a menu or , and add hotkeys for them?
another thing I noticed is that most screen readers that the blind uses does not read the items such as the tracks in the playlists, or the playlists suchas Applications, voice memos....
I use a screen reader called Jaws For Windows.
I was able to tweak it to be able to allow it to read the track lists and playlists.
But other blind users using other screen readers such as Window Eyes, or NVDA, can not use your program at all.
it seems as you may not be using standard windows colors or navigation.
I may be wording it wrong, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Again I want to thank you for creating this wonderful program
We look forward to hearing from you soon.


You can leave me a voice mail or fax at
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