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Hi Richard,


Try this:

1. Alt + F followed by T for Options, arrow down to Mail and press Alt + N to go to the Signatures button, activate it

2. If you already have a signature tab past all the buttons like Bold, Underline etc. until you get to the edit field

3. Tab again and you should ge tto "OK", now press Shift + Tab and you probably hear "Get signature templates Link", press Shiftv + Tab again and you are back in the edit field. For me I can now review and edit the signature text, not sure why it seems to be invisible to Jaws when you first get to the edit field, but tabbing past it and back works for me.

If you start by pressing Shift + Tab after you get to signatures you get to the OK button right away, then to the Get signature templates Link and then to the edit field, but once again at first Jaws reads nothing until I tab back out again and back twice into the edit field. Of course it should work right away, but if this works for yu as well then I find this an acceptable work-around.


From: <> On Behalf Of Richard Turner
Sent: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 7:07 AM
Subject: Outlook and signatures


Does anyone know if there is a setting that will make Jaws actually read the text in the Signature settings under Options, mil, Signatures?


Narrator reads it just fine and makes editing it a breeze.

Jaws is completely speechless in that edit box.


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