moderated Re: problem with new version of Jaws

Ron Pelletier



I installed the latest version of JAWS 2021 yesterday and have had no problems at all up until now. The voice is absolutely normal.

Did you install the update?  If so, I recommend that you go to the Vispero site and download the full version and install it right on top of yours. This is a much better practice since many updates have resulted in problems and installing the full updated version has fixed them.


Ron & Danvers


From: <> On Behalf Of T. Civitello
Sent: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 10:01 PM
Subject: problem with new version of Jaws


Ever since I installed the new version of Jaws this morning, Jaws sounds like it is in a box or empty room. Every once in a while the old Jaws voice comes back for a few seconds and them it reverts to the hollow sounding voice which is hard to understand. Anyone else having this problem?  Tom

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