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Do all your JAWS versions do this? Later (I think 11 and up) versions of
JAWS no longer pay attention to the jfw.ini file, but require sound card
preference be set in the JAWS/Utilities/Sound Cards selection. Check the one
you prefer.

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I have all versions of JAWS on my XP system from 10 on up. In each
one, I have edited JFW.INI to force a default port for Eloquence. I
suppose it works, I've never seen it not work. I do, however, have an
odd problem. On the machine I just described, I have a Firewire audio
interface that isn't always turned on. I also have Total Recorder
installed. If the Firewire interface is turned on and Total Recorder
starts up to record a program in the background, not using the
software or sound card setting, but direct from the stream, JAWS
magically switches to the Firewire audio interface and stays there
until I turn it off, even after Total Recorder has finished its
recording task and exited. I don't use TR for anything else but to do
these background stream-capture-type recordings. Should I uncheck the
box in TR's advanced configuration so its audio drivers won't load and
somehow confused JAWS, making it think it should switch over to the
Firewire interface? Or is there a way to tell JAWS to stay where it
is? This is quite annoying, since I'd prefer to leave the Firewire
interface turned on all the time, but to prevent this behavior, I have
to remember to shut it off before TR starts, otherwise I've got to do
it afterward anyway to get JAWS back onto the default (and,
coincidentally, only other) sound card in the system.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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