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Funny you mention this, as I had this exact problem with a recent e-mail. A
friend sent me several Dropbox links, all of which I could open either by
press enter on the link or using the context menu to open the link. But
there was just one in the whole list which, when I hit enter on the link,
took me to the subject line and when I tried again, looking in the context
menu, I couldn't actually find the option to open the link. As this was just
one of about a dozen links, I assumed the sender hadn't entered the details

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I tried that, but got the same result.

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Have yu hit the tab key in the message to get to the link?


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Subject: Jaws and links within emails

Hi all,
I've had an issue on and off that when I click on a link within an email I'm
taken to the subject of the email and not the webpage that the link is for.
This is extremely annoying especially when it happens with verification
emails, is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the
future? I've tried changing the format that email messages are displayed in,
but this hasn't made any difference, I know someone told me that when I'm on
a link I can bring up the context menu and get something that says open
hyperlink or something, but I've tried this and have not yet found such an
option. I'm running the latest versions of Jaws, Edge, Office 365 and
Windows 10. Look forward to any help anyone can provide me, everyone's help
is always much appreciated!!!! Thanks Madison

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