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Richard Turner

Assuming you have your messages set to html format, once you open the message, try tabbing to the link and then hitting enter.

I have had to do that with a few emails lately.






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From: <> On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 7:19 AM
Subject: Resetting password




I’m using the most recent version of windows10, Google Chrome and Jaws2021. I’m on a web site where I wanted to reset my password. I was able to getan email sent to me. There is a link the jaws reads “link reset password”. I press enter on the link and it doesn’t do anything. Above that line is a graphic and some words and the same with the line below. I pressed enter on each line and nothing happens. I used the Jaws cursor and clicked on each line. Nothing happens. I talked to the sites support and they couldn’t help me due to security. Has anyone encountered this problem? To me their email is not setup for a screen reader to recognize the correct link. The site is ON the site it has a link saying if you are using a screen use this link to help navigate the site. Well that sort of works yet there are some spots I cannot get the data to be entered as Jaws cannot get to the field. Yet I get the message saying all data has not be entered. Any thoughts?





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