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Cohn, Jonathan

Can you better describe your voice issues? 
There is some sound card drivers that turn off sound on a regular basis. This causes JAWS to not speak the beginning of each phrase. There was an option in JAWS 2020/2021 to correct this. You need to open up JAWS settings center to the default set and find a setting about sound in there. Let us know if that is not your issue, or if you can't find the setting with my vague description. 

On Apr 4, 2021, at 15:27, Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...> wrote:

The subject of this email is probably not worded right.
I have had to completely reset my del pc, because of sound card problems.
Since fully reinstalling windows, my sound card is speaking like it has a throat problem!!
I have tried using the windows default, and the realtec speakers.
Anyway, there is no difference.
The sound card looks like it is changing, but there is no difference in the actual sound.
Two days of resetting the pc!!!
Anyway to get to my point:
When I am moving through items in a folder, jaws is saying “1 of 5” or “2 of 5” etc.
Is there some way to turn this off?
I know I asked this before, but I can’t find my own topics.
On this, when I log into the group via the web, can anyone tell me, how to get a list of my own topics?
I can’t seem to find it under my account or something like that.
How can I start a topic online?
Any ideas about the sound cards?
If it makes any difference, jaws wants to add a configuration for “shcore” when I run the settings centre.
I have learned, that this is some sort of “dll” file in windows 10, although why it is using my desktop is a mistery.
Sorry if this is rambling.
Have a good one and stay safe,
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